Thursday, May 3, 2007

Coach Returns & Concerns

(NOT POSTED ANYWHERE - and sometimes not known by Coach sales)

* You must submit a $20 fee and complete a return request.
* The $20 is for the evaluation of the product. Coach repairs department determines within 6 weeks if your purse is:
1. Repairable
2. Manufacturer Defect (NOT customer accident)
3. Can be repaired within Coach's standards
* Your purse will be returned to you repaired or unrepaired.
* If unrepaired, you will have wasted $20. No compensation, no negoitations on possible repair at YOUR cost (maybe you want Coach to repair the purse and you are willing to pay for the service- this is NOT an option), No coupon toward a new purse (unless it is a manufacturer defect) - TOO BAD, SO SAD

* Repairs ARE NOT done on items that you may damaged - such as a broken zipper, etc. This is NOT indicated on the return request, sales persons are NOT aware of this AND if you call Coach's customer service, they may NOT be aware either.
* Repairs are completed only on manufacturer defects - IF Coach determines they wish to repair it. In other words, they can determine they DO not wish to repair it despite the need for repair. On occasion (although no consistently), the customer MAY receive small compensation for the damage.
* Coach repairs are up to the Repairs department's discretion. The repair department will not receive calls from the public and you cannot be transferred to the department if you request it.
* I personally requested that the above information be included on the return request information so that consumers are not mislead. My request was not only mocked, but I felt that Coach, a company that typically stands by its product, didn't really care that the information was missing.
So... here it is for you!